Forthcoming Presentations by TMDM Lab

Taşkıran, S., Türkakın, E., Karamancı, C., Mutluer, T., Necef, I., & Balcı, F. (October, 2017). Face Emotion Recognition Differences With Respect to Frustration in Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Poster to be presented at American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 64th Annual Meeting. Washington DC, USA.

Gür, E., Duyan, Y., Arkan, S., Karson, A., & Balcı, F. (October, 2017). Interval Timing in Aging Mice. Paper to be presented at 1st Conference of the Timing Research Forum. Strasbourg, France.

Gür, E., Duyan, Y. & Balcı, F. (September, 2017). Farelerde “Modele Dayalı” Karar Çıktıları (“Model-based” Decision Making in Mice) IV. Experimental-Cognitive Psychology Symposium, İzmir, Turkey

Akbıyık, S., Göksun, T., & Balcı, F. (September, 2017). Karar Süreçleri Merceğinden Kategorik Renk Algısı (Decision Processes in Categorical Color Perception) IV. Experimental-Cognitive Psychology Symposium, İzmir, Turkey

Türkakın, E., Psarraki, K., Altan Atalay, A., & Balcı, F. (September, 2017). Kişilik Özellikleri ve Karar Verme Süreçleri (Personality Traits and Decision Processes) IV. Experimental-Cognitive Psychology Symposium, İzmir, Turkey

International Journal of Comparative Psychology welcomes proposals for special issues.

International Journal of Comparative Psychology welcomes proposals for special issues. If you are interested in editing a special issue of IJCP, please contact us at

About International Journal of Comparative Psychology (IJCP)

IJCP is sponsored by the International Society for Comparative Psychology, an affiliate of the International Union of Psychological Sciences. In consonance with the goals and activities of the Society, it publishes studies on the evolution and development of behavior, broadly defined, and in all animal species; on the use of the comparative method for the understanding of behavioral processes; and the examination of the adequacy of psychological and evolutionary theories. It accepts for review articles that deal with historical and contemporary relationships between humans and other animals, that elucidate problems of homology of processes between human and non-human species, that explore the relationship between animals and changing environments, that provides an historical perspective on human evolution, that explicate fundamental concepts about human evolution, and that present research results and develop theories about the development and evolution of behavior.

IJCP is a peer-reviewed open-access digital journal indexed in these and other services: Google Scholar and PsycINFO. It accepts research articles and reviews, letters and audiovisual submissions.

Thanks to our summer interns

Our 2017 Summer Internship Program is now over. We would like to thank our interns for their input, energy and hard work. We also would like to thank Pelin Beşler for her help in organizing this program and Koç University VPRD Office for opening the campus dorms to the use of our interns.