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We have just started an initiative of compiling a shared database of published and unpublished work on interval timing. Such a database would allow the researchers to conduct secondary analysis of large datasets to test basic assumptions, investigate novel research questions and/or make new discoveries based on much larger datasets than each of us typically works with. Few of the many possible analyses include large scale tests of the scalar property and its limits, range effects, order effects, and differences between sub- and supra-second timing. Importantly, this database would also contain unpublished datasets and thus serve at least as a partial correction factor for publication bias.

The idea is to have trial-based data from a wide range of studies presented according to a standard data structure and format. An initiative such as this one can only succeed with the support of the research community. Thus, we are looking forward to your valuable contributions. Eventually, we plan to draft a manuscript based on the submitted datasets in collaboration with the contributors. The database will always be open to the contribution of new datasets. That being said, we recommend that datasets are submitted before Feb 12th, 2021, which is when the data analysis will commence.

Structure of the Database

We would like to compile both human and animal data from widely used procedures (e.g., temporal production, temporal reproduction, temporal estimation, temporal bisection, temporal generalization, peak interval procedure). Authors are also welcome to submit timing procedures not listed here (under the “other” category). The step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your files are included in the attached document and can also be reached through the project’s OSF link (https://osf.io/vrwjz/), under “Instructions for Collaborators”

ResearchGate Project Page: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Timing-Database

Please feel free to spread the word and do not hesitate to contact us through TimingDatabase@gmail.com for your questions and suggestions.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Fuat Balcı
David Freestone
Hakan Karşılar
Yalçın A. Duyan

Timing Database Instructions

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